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HPWhether for complex business and accounting calculations, engineering solving in the factory or simple math done at the work desk there is an HP calculator for every professional use. These calculators vary immensely in terms of size, screen type, speed and mathematical ability but all bring the same quality and durability that people have come to expect from HP products. Any business professional looking to add some high-speed calculating power to their workspace would be wise to consider an HP calculator of some sort.

Prices of the HP calculators made for business and professional use can vary wildly depending on the functions being sought. At the low end of the product line are the basic calculation models. These HP calculators offer the most simple mathematical features such as the main functions, decimal calculations and easy-to-read LCD screens. These models typically retail for very little and are equally small in size, making them perfect for the desk drawer or mobile use around the office.

The middle line of HP calculators for office use tend to focus more heavily on financial or other business-related calculations, most notably financial transactions. These have larger LCD screens that can accommodate more text and more lines, so the complex calculations can be easily viewed at all times. These calculator models offer extremely complex financial and business calculations with ease, including interest rates and conversions, repayment calculations and dozens more equations that may arise in an office setting. Because of the complexity of the functions these HP models will cost much more than the basic models, in the range of 50 to 70 dollars. Their size is also less ideal for mobility, lending themselves more to use on an office desktop while financial paperwork is often filled out.

At the high end of the HP calculator spectrum lie the graphing calculators, perfect for office use where engineering or complex mathematical diagramming and equation-solving are found. These calculators feature large pixelated screens that can display detailed graphs and diagrams, complex multi-line equations and engineering or calculus formulas. These problems can be solved with only a few button presses and even programmed in for future use. Graphing calculators are the highest level of office-use HP calculators and except for rare complex business uses there are no functions they cannot handle. Because of their versatility, size and speed these will typically cost more than 100 dollars.

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