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Paper Rolls

Paper RollsWe offer a full line of Thermal Paper Rolls and Plain Paper Rolls for Cash Registers, Calculators and Credit Card Terminals. Choose from smaller 12 Roll packs or save big on 50 to 100 Roll packs!

When you run your own business, it is important to have the ability to properly print of receipts for customers. Of course, these receipts need a special printer, as you probably don't want to use a standard computer printer. These printers run out of ink, which can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of extra dollars, each and every year, just to change out the ink cartridges. Instead, it is a good idea to use a thermal based printer. Thermal uses a special process to imprint information into the thermal paper, without actually using an ink. This way, you never run out of ink and can use the same printer for as long as you want. This goes a long way towards saving you a good amount of money, no matter what kind of business you are running. Of course, in order to use a thermal printer you need special thermal paper. This is available directly at Ace Office Machines, which allows you to purchase the paper in bulk. You don't want to simply purchase the paper one roll at a time, as this is going to increase the cost. Generally, it is far cheaper to buy paper in bulk, as it cuts the unit price down. Depending on how much you can afford at once, there are different sized bulk orders you can take advantage of, so you can not only save money but cut out the amount of times you need to order and purchase brand new thermal paper for your printer.

Before you can go out and order the necessary paper rolls you need for then printer, you need to know the exact size of paper you need for the printer. The actual size can change, depending on the printer, so check out the user specifications before actually ordering paper. The information you need to know is the paper roll size and the core size.

Once you know the specifications of the paper, you now need to know if you need thermal printer paper or cash register paper. The cash register paper is similar to standard thermal paper, although it is thinner in stature. This way you don't have to change out the register as often, which is important for high volume cash registers, as you don't want to be in the middle of a large rush and need to stop ringing in people just to change out the paper.

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