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Hard Drive Destroyers

Hard Drive DestroyersA room stuffed with sensitive documents could not contain as much information as the typical hard drive. In the wrong hands, an unprotected hard drive can spell big trouble. Ace Office Machines carries a selection of hard drive destroyers, or hard drive erasers, to help you properly and completely destroy media. Ace Office Machines hard drive destroyers have powerful blades that, similar to a sturdy paper shredder, can disintegrate floppy disks, CD's, DVDs and other media storage types. Once disintegrated, such sensitive data is no longer readable. Degaussing, the process of decreasing or eliminating an unwanted magnetic field, induces a very small "known" field referred to as “bias”. Degaussers, such as the Intimus Crypto I9000 Hard Drive Degausser or the Intimus Crypto I8000 HD Tape Degausser, use magnetic technology to completely erase data from magnetic media such as video, audio and computer tapes, as well as hard drives.

It is an easy thing to recover hard drive information these days, using free data recovery utilities. Disposing of your hard drive in the trash is not an option if you and/or your company treasure individual and corporate security. Secure hard drive erasing is the only way to assure sensitive data is irretrievably gone.

Secure hard drive erasing, such as with the Intimus Crypto Hammer SE Hard Drive Eraser from Ace Office Machines, writes a series of random binary data into the hard drive, so it is impossible to recover. While slower than simple formatting, hard drive erasing ensures your hard drive information will never be unduly exposed.

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